Minster’s Blog – December 2018



From UUA President Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray 

“We must not turn away. 

These are the days we are living in. Days that force us to consider how we combat the cruelty that would disperse tear gas (a chemical weapon banned in war) at children and parents, at refugees and migrants? How do we build more pathways of love and peace in this world? Where can we bring our broken hearts, our aching, doubting, exhausted spirits? How do we upend the messages of fear and cruelty that bring us further into violence and death? How can we be powerful activists for love and humanity? 

We must not turn away. 

A culture of cruelty has taken deep root in the United States. It is not new. It has long been planted in rhetoric and policies of dehumanization and systems of hate. 

We must not turn away. 

The only way through is showing up again each day with love and the fullness of our interconnected humanity; unwilling to let this violence and cruelty go unnamed or unchecked. Unwilling to let it cripple or stifle our capacity for kindness, gentleness and solidarity, we will not turn away. 

Love is the future. Not hate and not fear. To this end, I share this prayer with you: 

Spirit of life, spirit of creation, give us courage for the days ahead and the strength to keep siding with love, to keep showing up for justice and peace, in solidarity and hope. Spirit of life, spirit of creation, give us moments of deep connection, of friendship and family, of faith and joy, of deep caring to renew us and remind us of the good that is within us and possible for us all. 

Blessed be.” 

With Much Love, 

Rev. Maria Cristina