RE Reflections – December 2018

Keeping the flame of multigenerational cooperation burning bright 

Since the beginning of the church year we been working well together to include all ages in our community activities.   We started the year off with a fun family picnic.  We held monthly multigenerational worship services where children have been an active part of the worship services.  We joined together with the Peace & Justice Action committee to support Kids Against Hunger.  And our technology experts have been working with the kids to use solar energy to power up the computers for our coding workshops.   

We the teachers, parents and Re Council Members are so thankful to all of the committees & members who work to include our children and families.  These include music, worship, social justice and green committees as well as interior, grounds & safety committees.   

The most recent example of community cooperation is the “Kid’s Garden” project that was initiated by groundskeeper, Walt Korus. Walt came to me with his idea to create a kid’s garden in one of the clearings on the upper property.  After consulting with some members who are avid gardeners and members of the green committee, it was decided to put together some planter boxes that the children could use to practice sowing seeds and harvesting plants, to better understand the plant life cycle and what it takes to grow and care for living things.   

A couple of weeks ago, Shiela McClellan, Lorie Miller and Walt Korus, guided the kids in planting garlic, onions and some winter lettuces & kale.  We plan to have a harvesting lesson in the spring to reap what we have sown.  When you get a chance, take a stroll up to the upper grounds and check out our garden project!