So, you’ve decided to visit us at Starr King. Wonderful! Here’s how to find us and get settled in:


We are tucked back in a lovely green canyon space in Hayward. It’s easy for the squirrels to find us, but you might want to use GPS…

22577 Bayview Avenue, Hayward, CA 94541

Here’s some additional information about directions, parking, and accessibility.

Expect a warm greeting at the door! We also wear name tags so you don’t have to remember.

Know Before You Go

Visiting a new place can be intimidating, so here are some resources that might help you feel at ease:

Visitors Circle

On the first Sunday of each month our minister conducts an informal informational session for new visitors after the service. At that time a few members of the church share their spiritual background and current spiritual path. New visitors are encouraged to share their own background and describe the type of spiritual community they are seeking.