What is Fair Share Pledging?

The idea behind the UUA fair share pledging guide is that we each pledge what we can, based on two factors: 

  1. What the church means to us, and 
  2. Our ability to contribute financially 

It is “a social justice tool,” the UUA says, “in that it recognizes that people have varying capacities to give, based on their resources and other financial responsibilities, while providing recognition for giving at various levels.”

The “Fair Share” Pledge Guide below shows possible pledge values to consider for various incomes and levels of commitment. Note that within each commitment level, the guide is progressive, suggesting possible giving levels that increase with greater capacity. 

Pledge Range

In the 2023-24 fiscal year our pledges ranged from $180 per year ($3.46 per week) to $14,400 ($288 per week). 

Every pledge makes a difference.