South Hayward Parish (SHP)

South Hayward Parish is a collective of local liberal faith communities whose mission is to help alleviate poverty by building and maintaining a just and nurturing community. The Parish actively advocates for the rights and dignity of all people regardless of sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, race, or geographic origin.

How to Get Involved
  • Bring staple food to Starr King for the SHP Food Pantry. Put it in the big basket in the church foyer.
  • Volunteer directly with SHP. Contact Terri Owen, our member on their board, or the SHP office at 510-785-3663 if you’re interested in the food pantry, winter shelter, or bilingual office assistance.

Family Emergency Shelter Coalition (FESCO)

Since its founding in 1986, FESCO has remained committed to keeping families together in times of homelessness. In addition to serving single mothers with children, it is the only shelter system in Hayward that welcomes single fathers, two-parent families with children, and teenage males as part of a family group. FESCO also provides counseling, training, and linkage to housing and employment opportunities, and alumni support.

How to Get Involved
  • Volunteer at FESCO
  • Participate in the annual Shelter Shuffle to help raise money and awareness for FESCO
  • Volunteer to join the Friends of FESCO as a Starr King or community representative

Eden Area Interfaith Council

Eden Area Interfaith Council (EAIC) is a consortium of religious groups in the San Francisco East Bay’s Eden Area that promotes respect for all faiths and religious human rights for all. It was founded in 2001 and reignited in 2015 after an anti-Muslim attack at a local park. EAIC sponsors educational and consciousness raising events and encourages the participation of all people of goodwill whether associated with a faith community or not.

How to Get Involved

Interfaith Coalition for Justice in our Jails (ICJJ)

The Interfaith Coalition for Justice In our Jails (ICJJ) is a non-profit dedicated to bringing members of diverse faith communities together to achieve transformative change within the Alameda County criminal legal system. As members of the faith community, we are deeply troubled by the frequent incidents of abuse and the inhumane conditions at Santa Rita Jail.  The harm to the most vulnerable and marginalized among us, especially Black and Brown community members, mirrors and reinforces broader social inequities and social injustice.  

The fundamentally punitive system in place causes immense damage to incarcerated individuals, their families, and to entire communities.  True justice can only be served when incarcerated and formerly incarcerated people are treated with dignity and provided access to programs that heal trauma, restore relationships, and encourage successful return to the community.

We ask members of the faith community to become informed about the conditions in our county jail and join with us to hold the Sheriff and other elected county officials accountable.

How to Get Involved
  • Read up on in injustices in our local prison system
  • Subscribe to the ICJJ newsletter
  • Get in touch with Bob Britton to learn more about what you can do to help