Second Skin

Humans develop a sort of second skin to protect themselves. It is pretty hard to dwell in the land of inherent worth and dignity for ourselves, so we develop ways to keep ourselves safe. This second skin, however, often leads to conflict.

Order of Service

  • Prelude: “Butterflies in Space” by Michael Jones
  • Opening Hymn: #311, Let it Be a Dance
  • Welcome
  • Greet Your Neighbor
  • Chalice Lighting
  • Wisdom Tale: The Sign of the Tassel, from Ancient Stories for Modern Times retold by Faye Mogensen
  • Sing the Children to their Classroom
  • Call to Worship: Howard Thurman
  • Hymn: # 203, All Creatures of the Earth and Sky
  • Land Acknowledgment
  • Wisdom Reading: “Within You, Without You” George Harrison
  • Prayer, Candles of Joys, Sorrows & Gratitude
  • Sung Prayer: Rev. Rebecca Parker
  • Sermon: “Second Skin” Rev. Elizabeth Sollie
  • Hymn: # 131, Love will Guide Us
  • Offertory
  • Shared Singing: Hymn #402, From You I Recieve
  • Announcements
  • Hymn: # 1057 – Go Lifted Up
  • Benediction: Pema Chödrön
  • Extinguishing the Chalice
  • Invitation and Final Wave