Speaker: Rev. Elizabeth Sollie

Day of Remembrance

We will create a ritual this morning to remember our dead. If you have pictures of mementos to share, we will create a small altar. If you lost someone in the past year, we will have time to remember them and time to speak the names of anyone still on your heart. Cultures all over the world visit with the … Read the rest

Blessing the Animals

This Sunday we will bless the pets that bless us. We will be outdoors (and on Zoom) and all well-mannered pets are welcome to join us. Pets that don’t relish travel or other animals are welcome to attend in the form of a picture. We will have a chance to share what makes our particular pet special. This is a … Read the rest

Second Skin

Humans develop a sort of second skin to protect themselves. It is pretty hard to dwell in the land of inherent worth and dignity for ourselves, so we develop ways to keep ourselves safe. This second skin, however, often leads to conflict.


We are always delighted to welcome guests! If this is your first time visiting a Unitarian Universalist … Read the rest

Complex Subjectivity

sonder n. the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own

Order of Service

  • Prelude: J.S. Bach — Partita No.4, BWV 828: II. Allemande, Linli Wang, Piano
  • Opening Hymn: #1023, Building Bridges
  • Welcome
  • Greet Your Neighbor
  • Chalice Lighting
  • Wisdom Tale: I Am Every Good Thing by Derrick Barnes (Author), Gordon C. James
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Forgiveness and Atonement

The Jewish High Holy Days are upon us. This time of year we reflect on forgiveness and atonement.

Order of Service

  • Prelude: Adagietto from Symphony No.5 by Gustav Mahler, Linli Wang, piano
  • Opening Hymn: #1074 Turn the World Around
  • Welcome
  • Greet Your Neighbor
  • Chalice Lighting: Rev. Maureen Killoran
  • Wisdom Tale: “What if Nobody Forgave” by Barbara Marshman
  • Sing the Children
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Water Communion and Ingathering

Ingathering and the Water Communion are amongst the few rituals specific to Unitarian Universalism. Ingathering marks the beginning of a new church year as people return from their summer adventures or rest. Water communion is a way to lift up our interconnectedness. Whether you plan to attend on Zoom or in person, please bring a small container of water to … Read the rest


Unitarian Universalists start each meeting and each service with a check in. How is it with your spirit today? What are you carrying that you need your community to know about? As beings in the interconnected web of life, it is important we witness one another.

  • Prelude: “The Phantom Melody” by Albert W. Ketèlbey, Pianist, Linli Wang
  • Welcome
  • Call to
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It’s All Things All at Once

Wouldn’t it be nice, just once, for life to unfold according to your plans and your timeline?

Order of Service

  • Prelude: Thatness and Thereness by Ryuichi Skamoto
  • Prelude: It is Well With My Soul by Phillip Bliss, arr. By Mark Hayes
  • Welcome: Board Member Allison Prout
  • Call to Worship: Oriah Mountain Dreamer
  • Opening Hymn: #359, When We are Gathered
  • Land
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Liminal Spaces

Interim ministry is a unique opportunity to lean into liminal space–the space between. This congregation has already experienced a year of interim ministry, so the concept is not new to us, but now we have a new interim minister. Come meet Rev. Sollie and reacquaint yourself with the work of this unique time. Rev. Sollie will share her own map … Read the rest