Speaker: Bob Britton

HOPE – Labor Day Sunday

This lay led service on the day before Labor Day has been a tradition since 2003. Originally it focused on workers and the Labor Movement in history, song, poetry and advocacy. It has evolved in recent years to emphasize what our guest worship leader calls Liberation Poetry.

The truths of past Labor Day homilies persist. Most of the rest of the world still celebrates Labor Day on May 1st to commemorate a nationwide … Read the rest

Protest, Resistance, and Empowerment

Join us for our annual Labor Day Sunday Service. We will lift our spirits with the poetry and music of liberation that inspires us in our struggle to stop the growth of hate and empowers us to promote a world where compassion is wedded to power.

Emily Watkins; “Self Employed by David Ignatow
Bob Britton; “The Sign in My Father’s Hands” by Martin Espada
Ethel-May Shaw; “Bent to the Earth” by Blas Manuel de … Read the rest


Join us for our 15th annual Labor Day Sunday Service as we celebrate the sacrifices that working men and women make to advance the cause of social justice. We will lift our own spirits with the music and poetry of liberation to sustain us in our fight to resist increasing income inequality, racism, war and the for-profit attack on our environment.… Read the rest

Labor Day Service – Not Your Father’s Labor Movement

While some believe they have heard the death knell of unions, a new generation of union leaders has found astounding success in progressive coalitions organizing minimum wage workers. While union membership is declining, public sector unions are stronger than ever, but now in the gunsights of the Right. Learn more and join us at our annual Labor Day Service for a high energy hour of music, song and poetry as we celebrate our work and … Read the rest