Speaker: Glen Jacob

Member of Starr King UU Church

Book Communion

Bring a book, take a book! Join Glen Jacob, Stuart Fink, and Bethany Salway as they share their love of books. You are invited to attend in person or connect via zoom and share a brief description of your favorite book.
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Improv – Celebrating Creativity

Virtual Service: Check your email for details on how to join


Experience the joy of the creative spirit, as members of the congregation share music, poetry and improvisational comedy.
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Reader’s Theater – Winds of War

Winds of War by Al Murdach. War and peace are much in the news lately. It was even bigger news in 1941. Join us to return to that time and hear about the debates that rankled the media and the public then. Hard to believe that then the U.S. public was, according to polls, 90% anti-war and pro-peace. But this would quickly change. Come and find out what this was like and what happened. You … Read the rest

Days of Future Past

Has how you look forward changed over time?  Were you more optimistic towards the future in the past?  Can we ever regain that optimism? Join us as we look forward and backward, with a science fiction twist, of course.
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