Speaker: Glen Jacob

Member of Starr King UU Church

Sci-Fi to UU?

How does science fiction lead one directly into becoming UU? Glen Jacob will talk about inspirations from some places that you may not expect. Come for a fun and unusual service! Welcome! We are always delighted to welcome guests! If this is your first time visiting a Unitarian Universalist church or our congregation, here’s some … Continue reading Sci-Fi to UU?

Book communion

Join us for our annual book communion. Bring a book to church to put on our alter, and bring a wonderful new reading experience home with you. Led by Glen Jacob, with words from two of our recently publish authors, Nathan Heigert and Bethany Salway, come to share in the joy of books. Gathering Hymn: … Continue reading Book communion

Forgiveness and Failure

Though we have broken our vows a thousand times before, come, yet again come. Join us to explore this valuable and emotional topic. Led by Glen Jacob, featuring the sermon: “Failure to Forgive “ written by John A Buehrens Gathering Hymn: #6, Just as Long as I Have Breath  Gathering Hymn:  #360, Here We Have … Continue reading Forgiveness and Failure

Resistance is Futile

How do we deal with resistance to assimilation? There are many different answers. Join pulpit guest Glen Jacob as we explore some examples from science fiction and fantasy as metaphors, from the Borg from Star Trek, to The Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Come for an unusual and fun service! Order of Service Gathering Hymn: … Continue reading Resistance is Futile

Book Communion

Bring a book, take a book! Join Glen Jacob, Stuart Fink, and Bethany Salway as they share their love of books. You are invited to attend in person or connect via zoom and share a brief description of your favorite book.

Improv – Celebrating Creativity

Virtual Service: Check your email for details on how to join   Experience the joy of the creative spirit, as members of the congregation share music, poetry and improvisational comedy. Join us for some much needed laughter and positive energy.

“The Write Stuff”

Join us as we celebrate the joy of books, writing, and the creative process. Bring a book to put upon the alter for our annual book communion.  Hear testimonials by Stuart Fink, Al Murdach, Emily Watkins, and Glen Jacob.   https://starrkinguu.podbean.com/mf/play/i98v5f/2019-07-21_Sermon.mp3

Days of Future Past

Has how you look forward changed over time?  Were you more optimistic towards the future in the past?  Can we ever regain that optimism? Join us as we look forward and backward, with a science fiction twist, of course.