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The Search for Love or How to Tame a Wild Yak in its Natural Habitat

Falling in love can be amazing, wonderful, intoxicating and provides one of the best portals to truth, purpose and meaning the Universe offers.  It can also be disorienting, confusing, mysterious and scary.  It feels like we are asked to set aside every lesson our fear and ego taught us and learn an entirely new language.  And the truth is, that … Read the rest

There is No Away

In these difficult times, what does it mean to dispose of people? What would it take to build a culture of healthy indispensability? It turns out that even if we dismiss someone or something from our presence, it remains part of the interconnected web of all existence. We will examine together the blessings and complicated nature of our interdependence.

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A Matter of Trust

Trust is the foundation for building a strong, engaged relationship, whether it’s an intimate, personal, business, or professional relationship. Yet it is not always freely given and received. We will look at what part trust plays in living our UU values and affirming our principles and examine how fear can cause us to withhold trust.… Read the rest