Speaker: Lay led

Looks at Books

Today we will embrace our love of books and reading.  Bring a book to put upon the altar, and bring a different book home, as we celebrate our book communion. Click here to listen to the sermon

Monkey in My Family?

This summers readers theater is a riff on the infamous Scopes trial in 1925 which pitted science and evolution against fundamentalism. How was Unitarian Universalism involved? Come and see. I think you will enjoy the results. Click here to listen (right click to listen)

The Sunday Funnies

Have you ever been embarrassed about laughing in church?   Today, we will be laughing on purpose.  Come for a chortle, a giggle, or maybe even a knee slapper of mirth, as we celebrate the value of humor in our lives.

On the Spot

Presented by Worship Committee and SKIT Join us for our annual improvised service, where many of the service elements will be made up on the spot.  A fun service, where you never know what to expect.  Come for something new and surprising. Click here to listen to the sermon

Worship: Behind the Scenes

How do we put together worship services that speak to our complex spiritual, aesthetic, intellectual, moral, musical selves? Meet our Worship Committee and hear their stories about creating the Beloved Community. Click hear to listen to the Homily and Testimonials

Embracing the Human Spirit

Guest speaker Lorie Miller will tell a children’s story from her life experience that is inspirational to people of all ages.  Then her sermon will be based on passages from the book “The Art of Racing in the Rain” from which we will learn how to empower ourselves and live a better life. Click here … Continue reading Embracing the Human Spirit

Filling the Sanctuary with Words

We will be celebrating our joyful relationship with words by reading poetry. Original poems written by Bob Britton, Rene Castle, and Glen Jacob will be read by them. There will also be poetry readings by Terri Owen and Kirk Smith. Click here to listen to the sermon

Journeys from the Heart

The Worship Committee presents a lay led service, as members tell of important journeys in their lives; from far off locations, to the inner secrets of the heart with Ray Oducayen and Bob Myerson Click here to listen (right click and save)

Improvised Spirituality

Join us for a fun and unusual service. Many of the service elements will be chosen or made up on the spot, including some short improvised homilies. We did a similar service last year; everyone enjoyed it. Click here to listen to the sermons