What’s Class Got to Do With It?

Class is one of the last taboo subjects, yet it affects us every day in both overt and subtle ways—and it stands in our way as we seek to live our UU principles and create Beloved Community. Bio: Rev. Dr. Dorothy Emerson is a semi-retired Unitarian Universalist minister and co-founder of UU Class Conversations. A long-time more »

Indigenous People’s Day-The Doctrine of Discovery

Many of us grew up learning that this continent was “discovered” by Christopher Columbus. The doctrine of discovery originated from papal decrees in Christian Europe in the mid-1400s to justify the pattern of domination and oppression by European monarchies. It theologically asserted the right to claim the indigenous lands, territories, and resources on behalf of Christendom, more »

All Our Relatives

The stories and ancestral myths of indigenous people have been passed down through the generations. The elders of the community are revered as the keepers of these stories and holders of great wisdom. How does indigenous wisdom relate to our commitment to honor and protect Mother Earth? In most indigenous people’s world view, or cosmovision, everything has more »