Topic: Podcasts

What is Evil?

Hear a lecture on Evil which the Guest Speaker defines as “the willful imposition of extreme and unnecessary suffering”.  There will be an introductory reading by Jim Lewis of Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s essay “After Ten Years”.

The Search for Love or How to Tame a Wild Yak in its Natural Habitat

Falling in love can be amazing, wonderful, intoxicating and provides one of the best portals to truth, purpose and meaning the Universe offers.  It can also be disorienting, confusing, mysterious and scary.  It feels like we are asked to set aside every lesson our fear and ego taught us and learn an entirely new language.  … Continue reading The Search for Love or How to Tame a Wild Yak in its Natural Habitat

Family Spirit

The family is a living evolving entity.  There are no two families alike. Each have their own “finger print” creating family credos unique to their spiritual needs.  Our guest speak is Lorie Miller.

Loving in Times of War

As we celebrate Martin Luther King Day, we are mindful of how his message continues to inspire us and guide the new generations. Multi-generational service.

Parenting as a Spiritual Practice

We often think about meditation, religious rituals, or pilgrimages as spiritual practices. Yet the journey of parenting also offers us opportunities to grow spiritually as we embrace change every day. In addition to Rev. Maria Cristina, you will hear testimonials from Xiomara Tapia, Bethany Salway, Mary Lou Schuler, Michelle Lovett-Fink, and Amy Pete & Inés … Continue reading Parenting as a Spiritual Practice

Making Room

Inspired by the Latin American tradition of Las Posadas, we reflect upon the meaning and practice of radical hospitality. Beth Ogilvie shares a step-by-step process for creating intercultural acceptance, starting from irritation or judgment and moving to mindfulness, then curiosity, then openness and learning, then generosity, ending with grace.


Join us for our Annual Thanksgiving service to express gratitude and continue to strengthen our partnership with South Hayward Parish. Rev. Maria Cristina talks about her visit there with Terri earlier in the week. Terri Owen shares her stories about volunteering at South Hayward Parish Food Bank for many years.

Love is Sharing

From stone soup and cracked diamonds, the potential for creating “We” culture is abundant here at Starr King Church.

We Remember Them

Commemorating the Days of the Dead with our annual Community Altar. Please bring photos and mementos of your loved ones.