Speaker: Rev. María Cristina Vlassidis Burgoa

Las Posadas Worship Service

Las Posadas celebrates the journey that Joseph and Mary made in search of a safe refuge. In this worship service we explore our indivdual and communal solidarity with immigrants and refugees.

You are also invited to join our Las Posadas Evening Procession at 6pm on December 17th. We will process by candlelight through our neighborhood singing carols. Afterwards, we’ll enjoy a community feast at the church. There will be piñatas and fun activities for the … Read the rest


The Jewish celebration known as Hanukkah commemorates the re-dedication of the Second Temple in Jerusalem and the miracle that kept the menorah’s candles burning for eight nights. Often called the Festival of Lights, the holiday is celebrated with the lighting of the menorah, traditional foods, games, and gifts. On this day, we are reminded to be grateful for the gifts of faith, family, and community which rekindle hope when we most need it.

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Day of the Dead

On this day we remember our dearly departed. You are invited to bring pictures, flowers, and mementos to honor their memory. “At the rising sun and at its going down; We remember them…For as long as we live, they too will live, for they are now a part of us, as We remember them.”
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Contemplative Service

Join us as we create a space for a simple, meditative service, calling us to dwell deeply on the presence of the divine around us and within us. Taizé Prayer is named for the ecumenical Christian community formed in Taizé, France during World War II.… Read the rest

Indigenous People’s Day

Our Unitarian Universalist faith calls us to fully understand the legacy of colonialism, just as it calls us to respect and learn from indigenous peoples and support their struggles for social justice and religious freedom. Join Unitarian Universalists across the United States in honoring Indigenous Peoples Day and celebrating indigenous resistance.

Guest speaker: Corrina Gould, tribal spokesperson for the Confederated Villages of Lisjan/Ohlone and co-founder / co-director of the Sogorea Te’ Land Trust.

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Blessing of the Animals

Join us in person or via zoom for our annual Blessing of the Animals ceremony. You are invited to bring your pets to our outdoor service, or to our zoom service so they can receive a blessing. If your animal companions have crossed over the rainbow bridge, please bring a picture of them.

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Yom Kippur

On the Jewish Day of Atonement, we gather to reflect and pray. It is an opportunity to examine the heart, take inventory of the times when we have missed the mark, and ask for forgiveness. “We forgive ourselves and each other. We Begin Again in Love.”
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