Rev. María Cristina Vlassidis Burgoa

Vision Quest

We continue with our monthly theme of “Vision” and explore how our personal lives are guided by our dreams, aspirations, and spiritual practices.  A Vision Quest is understood as a look into our soul, a special time of deep reflection when one is at a crossroads seeking spiritual direction and growth.  It is an invitation towards internal transformation and renewal. Come join us in a collective and interactive  “vision quest” to share our sources of Read the rest

Vision, Mission, and Covenant: Creating a Future Together

Representatives of our Board of Trustees and the Committee on Ministry join us in the pulpit to reflect on the importance of developing a clear picture of our congregation’s shared mission, vision, and covenant. Who are we as a community and what do we value? What is our shared dream and what must we do? What do we want our shared ministry, programming, and outreach to look like? Being able to clearly articulate our shared … Read the rest

Water Ceremony

Water is more than simply a metaphor. It is elemental and primary, calling forth feelings of awe and reverence…. The ocean is considered by many to be the place from which all life on our planet came – it is the womb of life… We choose water as our symbol of our empowerment.”

On Sunday, September 9th bring with you some water to be poured into a common bowl as we celebrate the water ceremony.Read the rest

Animal Blessing

This day we will hold our service outdoors for a special ceremony to bless our animal companions. This ceremony is conducted in remembrance of Saint Francis of Assisi’s love for all creatures, whom he considered our brothers and sisters. We invite you to bring your animal companions and to please keep them
on a leash or in their carriers. If your animal companion would not be happy attending the service, or if they are with … Read the rest