Speaker: Rev. María Cristina Vlassidis Burgoa

Wrestling with Angels

What can we learn from other religious/spiritual traditions? How do we, Unitarian Universalists, understand terms such as “sacrifice,” “salvation,” “sin,” “sacrament,” or “miracle?” Join us as we explore religious language and symbols within the context of our ongoing spiritual growth journey. We will be building a community altar. Please bring your favorite religious/spiritual symbol that helps you draw strength and hope, especially during difficult times.

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Latin American Liberation Theology

Latin America experienced tremendous socio-political changes in the 60’s and 70’s which gave rise to a new Theology. This new Theology became known as Liberation Theology, calling for the church to side with the poor and the oppressed. It also called for the inclusion of new emerging narratives, particularly feminist voices, challenging the status quo.… Read the rest

Building a Spiritual Community

Unitarian Universalists are people of many paths who come together to make a difference for our world and ourselves.
Ours is a shared spiritual  journey  offering ongoing opportunities for learning growing together. We gather as a community to care for one another and get to practice our principles by answering the call for social justice.
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Ceremonies of the Heart: Creating Ritual Space

Rooted in profound human experiences of awe, wonder, fear, and family, worship invites us to gather and share our stories. As spiritual seekers, worship invites us to be open to many new possibilities of connecting with the mystery of life. As Unitarian Universalists, many of us also practice other religions and derive strength and inspiration from a variety of spiritual traditions. Join us in a deep reflection about creating worship experiences that reflect our theological diversity, radical hospitality, and social
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Parenting as a Spiritual Practice

We often think about meditation, religious rituals, or pilgrimages as spiritual practices. Yet the journey of parenting also offers us opportunities to grow spiritually as we embrace change every day. In addition to Rev. Maria Cristina, you will hear testimonials from Xiomara Tapia, Bethany Salway, Mary Lou Schuler, Michelle Lovett-Fink, and Amy Pete & Inés Thiebaut.

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Making Room

Inspired by the Latin American tradition of Las Posadas, we reflect upon the meaning and practice of radical hospitality. Beth Ogilvie shares a step-by-step process for creating intercultural acceptance, starting from irritation or judgment and moving to mindfulness, then curiosity, then openness and learning, then generosity, ending with grace.

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December is Music Month at Starr King

We begin with the healing sounds of the drums, led by our friend Phil Didlake, founder of Rhythmic Innovations: “We believe that music should not only be reserved for performance, competition, or passive entertainment. Our mission is to expand the possibilities of music to enrich personal wellness, to better understand the people around us, and to build community through drumming and in-the-moment music making.” Join us for an interactive and lively service!… Read the rest