Speaker: Lorie Miller

Vulnerability of Family

Our birth families and our chosen ones. Families can be containers of trauma, or foundations of love and encouragement. Reflect with us on family – yours – ours. Order of Service Gathering Hymns Welcome  Opening Hymn: “Rainbow Connection” Sing along with Kermit  Land Acknowledgment:  Chalice Lighting  Call to Worship SoUUlful Families Ministry Book:  My Heart   … Continue reading Vulnerability of Family

Gate A-4

We will reflect on the poem “Gate A-4,” by Arab-American Naomi Shihab Nye. This poem touches on questions such as: Who are we called to care for? When do we answer the call to serve? Where might we be surprised by grace? Order of Service Welcome Opening Music and Movement: At the Hop Land Acknowledgment … Continue reading Gate A-4

Inside the Chrysalis

What is waiting inside you to be born? In this month of exploring Potency and Expectation, what deep transformation is possible? Order of Service Welcome Opening Hymn: # 361 Enter Rejoice and Come In Land Acknowledgment Chalice Lighting Call to Worship: Mileva Lewis SoUUlful Families Ministry Candles of Joys, Sorrows & Gratitude Hymn: #396, I … Continue reading Inside the Chrysalis

Play as Spiritual Practice

We are never too young to play. In fact we are playing more than we think. Play keeps us balanced in life. There are so many ways we can play. I will redefine play to its basics so that all of us are playing and living in a less stressed life.  

Welcome Spring!

In early spring we can feel the promise of a new season in each passing day. Almost imperceptibly, the sun warms, the day lengthens, and the air seems pure and thin as it takes on the scent of freshly turned soil, emerging green, and soft rains. Spring is a time of awakening, of healing and … Continue reading Welcome Spring!

Family Spirit

The family is a living evolving entity.  There are no two families alike. Each have their own “finger print” creating family credos unique to their spiritual needs.  Our guest speak is Lorie Miller.   https://starrkinguu.podbean.com/mf/play/ukis3x/2020-01-26_Sermon.mp3

Time to Reflect

This is the time of year we review our lives and decide what we leave behind and what we take with us into the new year. Past intentions from previous years are worth reviewing. Join us as we reflect and seek out what is important.