Water Ceremony

Water is more than simply a metaphor. It is elemental and primary, calling forth feelings of awe and reverence…. The ocean is considered by many to be the place from which all life on our planet came – it is the womb of life… We choose water as our symbol of our empowerment.”

On Sunday, September 9th bring with you some water to be poured into a common bowl as we celebrate the water ceremony. In 1980, two Unitarian Universalist women—Carolyn McDade and Lucile Schuck Longview—created a worship service for the Women and Religion Continental Convocation of Unitarian Universalists. They called it “Coming Home Like Rivers to the Sea” which celebrated their diversity, connected them to each other, and deepened their awareness and solidarity with  marginalized communities resisting injustices.

This prophetic ritual is evocative and reaffirming of our own commitment to Environmental Justice as we build the Beloved Community. We too are like many rivers converging, coming together to offer each other spiritual renewal, companionship, and strength for the journeys ahead. Come! Let us gather at the river without borders that, once again, is calling us to celebrate our diversity, deepen our connection to each other, and renew our solidarity with communities in resistance. Water is Life!