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Celebrating All Families

Mother’s Day can be an opportunity for recognizing the diversity of family structures. Some children have a mother and a father, others may have two moms, two dads, a single mom or dad, grandparents raising them, divorced parents or a whole range of other family configurations.  Inclusive celebrations can serve as an important learning experience by providing opportunities to discuss and acknowledge the many kinds of families in our communities.

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Celebrate Earth Day!

This service starts with a Reflection by Claudia McDonagh. Then Rev. Maria Cristina will give a sermon about:
All life is interconnected. From the forest to the sea to humanity itself, each thread of being is woven into a single fabric of existence. We embrace nature’s beauty and are in awe of its power. We care for our environment so that it may sustain life for generations to come. 

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There is No Away

In these difficult times, what does it mean to dispose of people? What would it take to build a culture of healthy indispensability? It turns out that even if we dismiss someone or something from our presence, it remains part of the interconnected web of all existence. We will examine together the blessings and complicated nature of our interdependence.

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Preceding the sermon in the podcast is a bonus
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Sharing Our Spiritual Journeys

For most people, spiritual journeys are not straightforward but full of detours, curves, broken trails, and new paths. As Unitarian Universalists, we are encouraged to cultivate our different religious and spiritual traditions with us and to explore the wisdom of world religions and earth centered traditions. How do we incorporate this wisdom into our every day lives?

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