Rev. María Cristina Vlassidis Burgoa

Seasons of Light

The Rev. Jacqueline Duhart, Senior Minister at the Oakland UU Church, joins Rev. Maria Cristina in the pulpit for a celebration of light. As we enter into the dark of winter, and amidst the holiday bustle, we pause to reflect on light as a universal symbol of hope and faith. Join us as we light both the chalice and the menorah to remind us of the miracle of community and unconditional love.



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Las Posadas

A beloved Latin American Christmas tradition invites us to embody our Unitarian Universalist values. We believe in the inherent worth and dignity of every person and strive to be a welcoming faith. Las Posadas is evocative of Mary and Joseph’s journey seeking shelter from persecution and violence and being told “there’s no room at the inn.” Historically, Unitarian Universalists have been on the side of those being persecuted. We were part of the underground railroad, … Read the rest


We gather to express our solidarity and support for our community partners, South Hayward Parish. You will hear from Terri Owen, Sue Merrill (former executive Director of SHP), Lavon Hodges & Daryl Berman(current President of SHP).  You are invited to bring non-perishable food donations to contribute to their shelter pantry and Thanksgiving dinner. The collection from the offering plate will go entirely to SHP.

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Days of the Dead

Join us as we gather together as a community to honor the memory of our dearly departed. Our multigenerational service will include music and stories as we remember our loved ones. There are two homilies; first a short one by Xiomara Tapia and then a longer one by Rev. Dr. María Cristina Vlassidis Burgoa.  You are invited to bring photographs, mementos, flowers, and sweet bread to make a communal “ofrenda” /offering.

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Ways of Knowing

What is our understanding of knowledge and knowledge production within the context of religion and spirituality? What are prevailing assumptions and expectations about what constitutes an “intellectual” sermon? Join us as we reflect on the intersection between Theology as an academic discipline and the religious and spiritual dimensions of people’s lived experiences.

Indigenous People’s Day-The Doctrine of Discovery

Many of us grew up learning that this continent was “discovered” by Christopher Columbus. The doctrine of discovery originated from papal decrees in Christian Europe in the mid-1400s to justify the pattern of domination and oppression by European monarchies. It theologically asserted the right to claim the indigenous lands, territories, and resources on behalf of Christendom, and to subjugate native peoples around the world.

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All Our Relatives

The stories and ancestral myths of indigenous people have been passed down through the generations. The elders of the community are revered as the keepers of these stories and holders of great wisdom. How does indigenous wisdom relate to our commitment to honor and protect Mother Earth? In most indigenous people’s world view, or cosmovision, everything has a spirit: mountains, rocks, wind, flowers, birds, four legged beings… everything.They are all our relatives and have a Read the rest

Beloved Community: Our Mission and Vision

Join us as we reflect on our Mission and Vision as a welcoming Congregation. How are we doing? What are we doing? How do we honor our covenant to foster respect and compassion for all people and a reverence for nature? Moving forward, how do we support one another in our search for spiritual and religious meaning and are committed to working for justice in the larger community?

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Water Ceremony

We celebrate the start of the church year with our Unitarian Universalist tradition of the water ceremony. It is a special in-gathering service to express our joy and gratitude for the gifts each of us brings to continue building the Beloved Community. Join us for a warm homecoming ceremony and if you can, please bring some water from a place that inspires you and refreshes your soul. This can be an ocean, a river, a … Read the rest