Speaker: Bob Meyerson

A Celebration of Allyship

Join Bob Meyerson and Rev. Maria Cristina as they reflect on the meaning of allyship. There are many different methods of allyship, starting with a personal recognition of racism on an individual level and continuing onto more active forms of allyship. Within our Unitarian Universalist faith, Allies for Racial Equity is an organization which disrupts … Continue reading A Celebration of Allyship

Spiritual Practice or Practicing Spirituality

We use spiritual words and phrases quite liberally here at Starr King.  Is it possible we overuse them to the point of diminishing their impact?  Bob takes a look at some of the benefits and consequences.” Click here to listen to the sermon


“Beauty: In the eye of the beholder?” Join us as we explore the various ways the term “beauty” is defined and interpreted. It’s effect on all five senses, and, perhaps, the evolution of the “Sixth Sense.” Is beauty an intrinsic concept…or is it by nature, subjective?

Sanctuary, Meditation, Faith, & Prayer

Bob Meyerson explores how the words “sanctuary, meditation, faith, and prayer” are so subjective…especially to people of free will and free thoughts. Click here to listen to the sermon

It’s a Family Affair

Bob will explore the various meanings of “Family”. Is it defined by genealogy, blood or by words such as “marriage”, “in laws”, “adoption”, or something else? What is an “extended family”? Click here to listen to the sermon

The Perfect Minister

Join us as we explore the nature and practice of ministry, and if there really is such a thing as ” The Perfect Minister”. You will hear viewpoints from Bob Meyerson and Glen Jacob. Click here to listen to the sermon


Theme, surrounding the Independence Day Holiday, is “patriotism.”  It will explore the various meanings of the word in context with the holiday.  Pulpit guest Bob Meyerson will focus on how the word has been defined throughout all of the wars in which we’ve been involved, with special emphasis on the Revolutionary war and the Civil … Continue reading Patriotism