Speaker: Bob Meyerson

A Celebration of Allyship

Join Bob Meyerson and Rev. Maria Cristina as they reflect on the meaning of allyship. There are many different methods of allyship, starting with a personal recognition of racism on an individual level and continuing onto more active forms of allyship. Within our Unitarian Universalist faith, Allies for Racial Equity is an organization which disrupts oppression, uproots white supremacy, and plants seeds of justice. Allyship is a ministry of faith which leads all who participate Read the rest

How is this experience changing you?

Virtual Service: Check your email for details on how to join.

Service Description: How is your covid-19 experience changing you? What changes do you want to keep?
Please join us each Sunday as we gather together to sing and to reflect, to share our joys and our sorrows, to connect with each other and with something bigger than ourselves. This is the antidote to isolation! Come nourish and replenish heart and soul.… Read the rest


“Beauty: In the eye of the beholder?” Join us as we explore the various ways the term “beauty” is defined and interpreted. It’s effect on all five senses, and, perhaps, the evolution of the “Sixth Sense.” Is beauty an intrinsic concept…or is it by nature, subjective?… Read the rest

Remembering Pete Seeger

We pay homage to the late Pete Seeger, Folk legend, Singer, Instrumentalist with too many to list, and Unitarian Universalist. Pete would have been 100 this year. His music and his steadfast adherence to his principles helped change history. We honor him with some of the songs he composed and sung. The world is not yet perfect…but it is far better than had Peter Seeger not existed in it.



 … Read the rest


Theme, surrounding the Independence Day Holiday, is “patriotism.”  It will explore the various meanings of the word in context with the holiday.  Pulpit guest Bob Meyerson will focus on how the word has been defined throughout all of the wars in which we’ve been involved, with special emphasis on the Revolutionary war and the Civil war.  Who were the patriots?  Who were the traitors?  And who defines them?  Are the ‘winners’ always the patriots? Let’s … Read the rest