Speaker: Ben Ogilvie

Our Radical Activist Ancestors

The religious right is a relative newcomer in US culture. The religious left dates back to the Revolution. Jefferson’s stirring words in the Declaration of Independence about liberty and equality inspired generations of activists, people who believed that those words applied to them, and at … read more.

Faithfully Becoming: GA Reflections


This is a pivotal time for our faith as we collectively discern how to move forward in these challenging times. Come hear how the delegates at GA wrestled with these questions and some of the decisions that were made.

Order of service: Gathering Hymns  #66 When … read more.

The Interdependent Web of Values

Values, like beings, do not exist in isolation. They are inextricably intertwined. In this service we’ll explore the connections among our recently identified church values, the existing UU principles, and the draft Article 2 of the UUA bylaws. Values define and enrich each other in … read more.

Who Do We Choose To Be

If we choose to see the past – and the present – with clear eyes and an open heart we can act in ways that align with our values, and make a difference in the world. Let’s talk about obstacles to this and the potential rewards of doing … read more.

Widening the Circle of Love

If love is our shared theological core, what does it look like? How do we make it visible in the world? What are the signs that someone is inside or outside our circle of love? How can we widen our individual and communal circles of … read more.

Reimagining Radical Faith Community

“Reimagining Radical Faith Community” is the theme of our UUA General Assembly this year. Come hear some of the ways the Unitarian Universalist Association is reimagining radical faith community – and ponder how it applies to us in our time of transition.


We are living in immensely difficult times. Deep societal issues including racism, economic inequality, and environmental injustice mar our current lives and threaten to harm the lives of future generations. There are no easy remedies to these community ills, but returning to the practice of … read more.