Religious Exploration Blog – December 2012

The darkness of December if upon us! Both stifling and cozy at the same time, there is something quite meaningful for me about these darkest days of the year. It makes an intuitive kind of sense that we would fill our schedules with family gatherings and big meals; that we would light candles, string lights across our doorways and windows, and decorate trees. It even makes sense to me that Christians would celebrate the birth of their savior– out of darkness, we can emerge transformed. In the darkness, we need to hunker down with those we love and honor the depths of our connection to each other, to our inner most selves, and to the light which would not exist without the dark.

Of course, getting in touch with what we could call the spirituality of the season is difficult after hearing the 100th rendition of Jingle Bells (FYI: written by a UU minister) while standing in a long line for that gift which happens to be on sale and would be perfect for your child, mother, or brother. And big family meals are delicious, particularly if you are not the one having to prepare and clean up afterwards.

Consider: are there moments this December when you could take a few moments of rest to reconnect with the darkness and the light? What would that look like for you and your family? Our children watch us ever so carefully to figure out the meaning of these Winter Holidays. In addition to the blaring demands for presents and candy and more presents, can you also hear the small voice within? How can you help your children cultivate their own ability to hear that voice? Consider joining Rev. Katie, myself, and the Religious Exploration Council for the Dec 11th meditative service. Or check out my friend and colleague’s Advent Calendar for Unitarian Universalist families: