Purpose: To actively work to protect the earth and its resources, while insuring that church grounds are safe, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing

Joyce and Scott, weeding in the rain
Joyce and Scott, weeding in the rain

Membership and Meetings:  Membership is voluntary. There are no meetings. Assistance is welcome at any time—just ask Walt Korus, our “Grounds Minister,” for guidance. Any amount of time is appreciated. There is always something to do but no need to feel overwhelmed as it will all be done in time. Another way to help is to participate in the occasional “Weed and Feed” events which are announced.

Walt--Our Grounds Minister
Walt–Our Grounds Minister


  • Weeding and pruning, year round, but especially from January until the end of the rainy season
  • Mulching, as needed
  • February, March, and April, planting the church grounds
  • Planning and implementing improvement projects, both large and small
  • Strive toward a natural state maximizing the use of native, drought tolerant plants, of which many provide food from seeds and shelter for wildlife
  • Set up and maintain bird houses, bat houses, bee houses and feeders for the birds and squirrels
  • Maintain compost bins
  • Maintain year around vegetable garden for use in Religious Exploration
  • Spring and Summer plant tomatoes and others
  • Fall and Winter, plant kale, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, chard, and others
  • Inform the Board of any needs concerning the grounds
  • Prepare an annual report


  • Working on the grounds is a meditative experience that only comes with experiencing the peaceful tranquility and wildlife that travels through or makes a home on the grounds.
  • Working around the native and drought tolerant plants and trees provides knowledge useful in home gardens. Many plants are labelled, and information available on which plants save water and/or attract wildlife, birds, and bees and other beneficial insects.
    We love our grounds
    We love our grounds
    Vegie garden
    Vegie garden

    We have some room to wander
    We have some room to wander