Environmental Justice through an Inter-sectional Lens

Tony Green, Guest Speaker. The fights against climate change and racial injustice are deeply intertwined. Climate change and racial injustice share the same roots and have to be addressed together. The transition to a low-carbon future is connected to workers rights, land use, and how … read more.

Sacred Dance Meditations led by Carla Walter

Throughout human history, people all over the world have recognized dance as an age-old yet timeless connection to Spirit. In celebration, to mark moments of change, and in times of despair, dance has been used to seek the Divine, connect with the Earth, and call … read more.

Play as Spiritual Practice

We are never too young to play. In fact we are playing more than we think. Play keeps us balanced in life. There are so many ways we can play. I will redefine play to its basics so that all of us are playing and … read more.