From the Board – August 2016


Our mild weather is warming up for our summer activities. It is time for water fun. I always think of playing in the sprinklers with all the neighborhood kids, and a few adults. We made up game after game to stay wet and cool. Swimming was always popular, but not all of the families could afford the fees for using the local pools. We worked things out and stayed cool one way or another.… Read the rest

From the Board of Trustees – July 2016


As usual, our church has been busy, busy, busy. There always seems to be more to do. We have so many irons in the fire it is hard to keep track of it all.

Reverend Joy is leaving us after her sermon on July 3, 2016. She has been so fabulous in helping us to find our way while looking for a new settled minister, I am amazed at her energy and commitment. We … Read the rest

From the Board – June 2016

We are awesome! It has been very busy these past two months. As a result of that busyness, we have been able to accomplish a great deal. During May we had our candidate come here for a bit over a week to get to know us and we her. I know that most of us were able to see her in her professional role as well as her social side.

These meetings were the culmination … Read the rest

Words of Joy – June 2016

For the month which includes Father’s Day and the Summer Solstice


Here’s a little story about a father for your meditation, on the strength of community: A father wanted to leave his estate to his children, but he wanted to be sure that they would stick together and look after each other when he died. So he gave each of them a small stick and asked them to break it, which they easily did. … Read the rest

Religious Exploration – June 2016

We have some exciting events coming up before then end of the RE calendar year on June 15.  On June 5th we will have a multigenerational flower communion service and teacher appreciation ceremony.  On June 12 we will hold a children’s service.  This will be an exciting event. The entire service will center around an interactive play, “Jumping Mouse,” which the children will perform.  We have been working hard to make this an enjoyable … Read the rest

Words of Joy – May 2016

Ministry based on an equal relationship is like a dance; sometimes I lead and you follow, sometimes you lead and I follow. As we get to be better partners, its gets difficult to tell exactly who is leading and who is following. But by then it doesn’t matter—after all, it’s the dance that’s important.                                                              –the Rev David Phreaner

Soon after you receive the May newsletter, this congregation will be going through the intricate dance that … Read the rest

Religious Exploration Reflections – April 2016

Create Rituals that Foster Connection

In March, my daughter and I attended game night at Starr King.  I cannot remember the last time I laughed so heartily.  I forgot how good it felt!  Playing games allows us to step outside of ourselves for a while, and forget our worries.  It allows us to see the childlike side of adults that they seldom show to others.  It is a great way to build community.   

Consequently, my Read the rest

Words of Joy – April 2016

Near the beginning of April, the hard-working Ministerial Search Committee will ask one of the “pre-candidates” they have been interviewing to be the candidate for the settled ministry of this congregation And then, in May, comes the moment you have been waiting for—the presentation of the ministerial candidate during what we call “candidating week”—a very intensive week in the life of a congregation and of a ministerial candidate. The minister will speak on two … Read the rest

Religious Exploration – March 2016

Religious Exploration – Plans & Announcements

March RE Theme is Technology

This month we premier two Techshops for RE.  The first will introduce Raspberry Pi computers. The second will focus on software and basic programming with SCRATCH.   Roy Dickerson, our tech guru, will spearhead the effort to teach technology to our youngest and brightest.

The goal of these Techshops is to spark the imaginations of our young ones with technology.  Raspberry Pi and SCRATCH were … Read the rest

Words of Joy – March 2016

Interim Minister’s Column

The late UU minister John Wolf expressed some of the reasons why we would want to support a Unitarian Universalist congregation:

You want to support it because it has a free pulpit. Because you can hear ideas expressed there which could cost any other minister his or her job. You want to support it because it is a place where children can come without being saddled with guilt or terrified of some … Read the rest